Monday, June 3, 2013

Talk Topic 13: Bond Lake P.S.'s Wonder Journey

We are so pleased to share and celebrate all of the wondering that has been taking place at Bond Lake P.S. this Spring!

The educators who participated in our Book Study "A Place for Wonder" kindly allowed Mrs. Gervan and I to capture some photographs from their classrooms:

What do you see, think, or wonder?

Here is a video of our Wonder Journey:

Please leave any comments or questions below.  We look forward to sharing our learning at the Staff Meeting today!


  1. Joanne
    You have captured the beauty of the journey taken through "A Place of Wonders". This video encompasses the essence of wondering in K, showing how one thought can be the inspiration that could lead to deep and meaningful investigations into the thinking of a child. I salute you and the people who shared their wonderings along the way with this book study. Congratulations to all:0)
    Heather Jelley

  2. Thank you so much Heather!

    We're glad that you enjoyed the video! Maybe this will provide further enticement for you to read the book over the summer.

    We are very proud to announce that this journey was embarked upon by educators from K-4!!! It was really incredible to see the wonders throughout our three divisions (early years, primary, and junior)!

    Thank you for visiting our blog,

    Marguerite and Joanne

    P.S. You always leave the best comments ;)

  3. Wow! Joanne and Marguerite, this is absolutely beautiful! You continue to inspire me on a daily basis! Although I did not take part in the online discussion, I have been reading the book and hope to add my feedback when I reread it over the summer. I purchased the book for the ECE I am working with next year, and am excited to go through the Wonder Journey together. My school is hoping to do our own Book Talk on 'A Place for Wonder' in the fall, so I will be referring them to your video for future learning. Such an amazing snapshot of authentic learning experiences. And I love that your journey involved K-4, which highlights that inquiry across the grades really is possible! Thank You for sharing!
    Take Care
    Julie Metcalfe

  4. Hello ladies! I've just cone across your beautiful blog as I read A place for Wonder. What an inspiring book indeed. You have given me great ideas for a book study group we will start at school. Greetings from Asuncion, Paraguay.